Patient Testimonials

Choosing a healthcare provider is an exceptionally important decision to me.

It’s important to me I can trust the medical provider, their knowledge of their expertise, and that I feel comfortable at the healthcare facility. I began chiropractic care in 2005 visiting a chiropractor in the Austin area, but realized I was not satisfied with my experience. Therefore I began extensively researching chiropractors in the Austin area and after deliberate online research and asking recommendations from friends and co-workers, I found Dr. Greg Zygmont at Zygmont Family Chiropractic. Zygmont Family Chiropractic is located in Circle C in Southwest Austin. Once I met Dr. Zygmont and began visiting with him for regular chiropractic care in 2009, no matter where I lived in Austin (I lived North, South, East, and West), I dedicatedly drove to visit with Dr. Zygmont for my chiropractic care needs. Dr. Zygmont’s office is “green-friendly” and he is not pushy when it comes to chiropractic. His famous motto is “help the body heal itself” and when you ask when you should schedule your next appointment, he responds, “Listen to your body.” He is a great chiropractor and is extremely knowledgeable about holistic wellness. I remember when I first began visiting Dr. Zygmont, he provided me with a print-out of a personal email message which listed various fruits and vegetables and their benefits to the human body. Today, I still have the print-out that he gave to me. Fortunately, I was able to work part-time at Dr. Zygmont’s office in April 2012 through July 2012. After being a patient and also an employee, I clearly learned that he always takes the time with each patient to answer in-depth questions about specific ailments and how to treat them at home. And visiting Dr. Zygmont’s office for a chiropractic appointment was considered a “pamper day” for the patients. Upon arriving at Dr. Zygmont’s office, each patient has the option to use one or both of the therapy treatments in the office; electric muscle stimulation therapy and roller-bed treatment. Then once the treatments are complete, you get adjusted! Also, massage therapy and acupuncture are available by appointment and he employs the best massage therapists and acupuncturist. Zygmont Family Chiropractic accepts most insurance policies and also has affordable pricing for patients without insurance too. He employs the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff in all of Austin!

7 Year Zygmont Family Chiropractic Wellness Patient

I’ve been seeing Dr. Zygmont for over 7 yrs and have been so very pleased with his professionalism. He gives great care and always shows immense concern for my well-being. The entire staff has treated me so well and the experience is always very positive. I would highly recommend Zygmont Family Chiropractic to anyone in need. ~ Chuck

I have been going to chiropractors all of my adult life

I have been going to chiropractors all of my adult life (over 40 years). For nearly six years, Dr. Zygmont and his staff have taken excellent care of me, and they are by far my favorite. They are all professional, very friendly, and I am thankful for the care and concern they extend to me.

Several years ago I fell and went to an orthopedic doctor for months of care and rehabilitation (17 times), with no relief. He told me my last option was back surgery. After seeing Dr. Zygmont for four or five weeks, not only did I not have to have surgery, I was pain free in my lower back for the first time in years. I wish I had gone to him first. I highly recommend Dr. Zygmont and his staff for quality, consistent care.

Deborah M.

I've had long term chronic back problems as the result of an accident years ago

I have done my best to workout, ignore it, take Advil and overall I get by. A week or so ago I really overworked my back and it was in a bad way. Three visits to Dr. Zygmont and I feel great and the pain virtually gone. Great staff, super Chiropractor. Highly recommended! Bill Rogers Associate Partner IBM Global Business Services State & Local Govt and Education