Patient Testimonials

Dr. Greg Zygmont is the only doctor of Chiropractic who has been able to relieve my severe back pain

I have fibromyalgia and had been to numerous doctors in the past 12 years. I had given up on chiropractic as a way to relieve my back pain. I pulled a muscle in my back a few months ago and was desperate for some relief. After dropping our son at work on a Saturday morning, my husband and I drove around looking for a chiropractor that was open. Dr. Zygmont saw me without an appointment, and I felt relief the very first day. The following few days were very painful, because my body didn’t like being adjusted. Dr. Zygmont explained that I had to be patient, and soon we would get past the pain and into wellness. No other chiropractor had every told me that. I would just quit when the pain got worse. I hung in there, and now I’m so much better than I was before. The pain level is much lower, and flare-ups are fewer in frequency and severity. I also have more energy and an overall feeling of well being. I highly recommend Dr. Zygmont and his kind, caring staff. ~Ann J.

I suffered from chronic neck and back pain for years after an auto accident in 2001

I started seeing Dr. Zygmont in 2006 after physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and other treatment options failed to improve my condition. Dr. Zygmont produced what these other treatment options could not – reduction in pain and symptoms and an increase in the quality of my life. ~Damon N.

My husband and I, along with our four children, have been going to ZFC since it’s opening

I was so excited to see a chiropractor coming into the new shopping center at Escarpment Village as we had been commuting to North Austin several times a week to our family Chiropractor. We have never been disappointed with our decision to change to Dr. Greg. His sense of humor makes him great with the kids, and he takes time to listen to each of them – no matter how long the story might be about a given injury! We have sustained greater health as a result of the chiropractic care that we receive, and we appreciate the family friendly environment extended by Dr. Greg and the staff at ZFC. ~Toni K.

Last week I was moving a little slowly...I pulled a muscle in my back, and it got progressively worse

Although, I had gotten a massage, and it helped some; my back was still on the downhill slide, because Friday morning I woke up and could barely move. This was a big problem- I was scheduled for an important talk at a real estate office, and I really didn't want to cancel. Dr. Greg Zygmont got me in for some therapy plus an adjustment. This was a little scary, because I was completely locked up and could barely get on and off the table. But I could not BELIEVE how much better I felt after leaving Dr. Zygmont's clinic! I got better over the next hour or so, and for the rest of the day, I didn't even think about my back. My talk went very well, and no one would have known that just a few hours before I couldn't move. The results of my Chiropractic appointment with Dr. Greg were truly amazing. I did get stiff again that night; and while I know the muscle is still inflamed, my movement is only slightly limited and I am back to my full schedule. I'm sure I'll see Dr. Greg another time or two until this injury heals. I am amazed at the results and eternally grateful to Dr. Zygmont. If you haven't seen him yet, you should at least keep him on speed-dial for the next back problem you have! I cannot emphasize enough the amazing results I got, and I can't thank him enough for getting me back up and running. ~ Maura T.