Greg Zygmont, D.C.

Dr. Greg Zygmont is the clinic director of Zygmont Family Chiropractic. Dr. Greg is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic (1988), with undergraduate studies at Pennsylvania State University. He is an avid runner and bowler. Dr. Greg has been serving the Austin community since 1998. He enjoys taking the time to discuss and answer questions regarding his patients' condition, and educating them on how to prevent future problems. One of the main principals of Dr. Greg's Chiropractic philosophy is that Chiropractic "helps the body heal itself." Meaning that a person's road to health includes a good diet, proper exercise, and sufficient Chiropractic care to align, mobilize and stimulate adequate flow through the nervous system.

I have often kidded with my patients that the Zygmont family used Chiropractic and holistic wellness years before it became “cool”. I laugh today with my adult brothers and sisters, that our parents took us to the Chiropractor almost to a fault! I am convinced that I rarely get sick because my immune system is so strong since I never took pharmaceuticals or even over the counter meds growing up.

Since graduating from Chiropractic school in 1988, I have had many years to observe what patients respond positively to. Time after time, I have made simple recommendations and have seen them flourish. I don’t “force feed” my patients excessive care. I’m an advocate of body work, muscle work and energy work; all of which we offer here in the form of chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture.

We genuinely believe that our clinic is perfect for the busy people of Circle C, and the surrounding communities. The staff's efficient service delivers excellent, thorough Chiropractic care. We have extended weekday schedules and Saturday hours to better serve you. Also, Dr. Greg will gladly treat emergency and after hours' patients.